The big apple has been my creative workshop for over a decade now. However, before social media inundated our daily lives, I studied Communication in Iberoamericana University of Mexico, received a post graduate degree in Complutense University of Madrid, Screenwriting in the New York Film Academy, and Literatura and Creative Writing in NYU.

I have watched how new cinema legends have grown; witnessing their first achievements through my years of participating in festival after festival. I watched Gael Garcia and Diego Luna laughing in Lido di Venezia after filming Y Tu Mama Tambien. It was the time when Cuaron had not yet directed Harry Potter, Inarritu asked Del Toro for help editing Amores Perros, Guillermo Arriaga had yet to discover Jennifer Lawrence, and “el Gordo” could quietly sip a cup of coffee without his fans noticing.

It was before 9-11 and you could witness Bardem dancing to the rythym of Cuban music on the stairs of the “Casino de Venecia”, and we could enjoy the world without paranoia and fear of the necessary, yet unwanted armed security on the red carpet in Cannes

After 21 years

After 21 years as a journalist, 2 documentary short films (Luchadoras, Femei, and those that are still in the works), 14 CannesFilm Festivals, 12 Venice, and a handful in Berlin, TriBeCas, Toronto, Zurich, New York Film Festivals and have worked as a jury member throughout the world (Michoacana Section in the Morelia International Film Festival, Switzerland Section of the Zurich Film Festival, Radio Nacional de España Award in the Iberoamericano Film Festival of Huelva, etc).

Finally, the time has come to add a digital experience to the role to continue sharing these cinema moments. Voila!